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Tetra Technologies Website Cookies

This page explains what cookies are and the types of cookies used by the Tetra Technologies Website.

Tetra Technologies, like many websites, uses small pieces of data called “cookies” to customize your experience and serve you better.

This page explains what cookies are and the types of cookies used by this website. This page also contains information on how to remove cookies from your browser, and other useful information.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data stored in a browser by a website. The data inside the cookie allows websites to remember preferences, and customize your experience. Examples are remembering language preference or the mood meter polls you’ve voted on.

How does Tetra Technologies use cookies?

Your visit to the Tetra Technologies website may yield 4 types of cookies –analytics cookies, registration cookies, and advertising cookies.

Analytics cookies

Every time you visit, a service we use provided by another company saves an analytics cookie. This analytics cookie tells us if you’ve been on the site before, how often you visit, how long you stay, etc.

There is no personally identifiable data stored in the analytics cookie, and we cannot use these cookies to identify you, or other users of the website.

Registration cookies

Each time you request for a quote or book a test drive, we generate a cookie to let us know that you have submitted a request and if you’re currently in our website. This cookie will be primarily be used to keep you updated on the latest news and promos of Tetra Technologies which you will see once you go online even if you’re not in Tetra Technologies’ website.

When you submit a request for a quote or book a test drive it means that you have agreed to our Privacy Policy. We will also use the registration cookie with the analytics cookie to figure out what pages you’ve read on the site so we can provide you updates on the vehicles should there be new features, promos or models.

Advertising cookies

These cookies will be used to provide you updates on what’s happening with Tetra Technologies. We shall track what content you went into and show you more information about the said vehicle even if you are in another website.

Removing cookies

All modern browsers support removing all cookies, or cookies from a particular website.

Unfortunately, we will lose the ability to recognize you as a logged-in user, or the ability to remember your preferences if you remove the Rappler cookies.

Should you wish to remove your cookies, however, check out the links below for your browser:

See this link for more information on Tetra Technologies Privacy Policy and The Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012